Tour Secoya is a cultural tour to one of the many indiginous groups in Ecuador. Secoya people are an indigenous group living in the Amazon in Ecuador and Peru. In Ecuador are living about 400 Secoyas. Tour Secoya is opportunity for you to learn about the nature in the Amazon and the customs and culture of this indigenous group. Incomes from the tour goes directly for the Secoya tribe. This is a great chance for you to see real jungle with the local people living there. During this tour you will be a guest in the tribe.

Eco tourism is a way to support the local people to conserve the nature. The oil companies are a threat to the environment here and the Secoya people don’t want to work in the oil industry. Eco tourism gives incomes for the local people and helps them to take care of the nature.

The tour is made inside the Cuyabeno Reserve, but it’s not in the area where most of the tours are done. The Secoya community we visit on this tour is located next by the Aguarico river.

This tour is made with a local Spanish speaking guide from the community and also we send our english speaking naturalist guide with you.

Secoya tour is intended for people who are interested in cultural and photography, for the indigenous communities. If you are interested in this tour ask for availability and the price directly from us. This tour is normally done as a pribvate tour! Tour program is for 4 -5 days. In the itinerary we have cultural program with the Secoya community, shaman visit (it is possible to arrange ayahuasca ceremony with an extra cost), jungle walk etc. depending also on the interests of the group.

We can also arrange expeditions from the Secoya territory to the lagartococha lake, duration for the expedition is approximately 8 days camping and travelling by motor boat.

Cultural tour secoya
Secoyas are a indigenous group living in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. Cultural tour Secoya is a way to learn about the Secoya tribe and their customs.

Prices are per person

2-3 people in the group
$ 700 Tour for 4 days
$ 875 Tour for 5 days
4-6  people in the group
$ 600 Tour for 4 days
$ 750 Tour for 5 days
Bigger groups, ask for special discount prices.


Transportation from a meeting point at Lago Agrio to Cuyabeno Reserve and back to Lago Agrio

Activities with Spanish speaking Indigenous Guide and English speaking naturalist guide

Rain poncho, wellington boots and life vest will be provided during your stay by the lodge

Accommodation in a Secoya home, notice that the accommodation is very basic

Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the stay, first day starting from lunch, last day ending for lunch

Purified water, tea, coffee and hot chocolate are available on the lodge

Vegetarians and food allergies can be accommodated with advance notification


Transportation to and from Lago Agrio

Soft drinks and alcohol

Secoya community entrance fee $5

Cultural day program has an extra cost

Tips for the staff