Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the best places to visit while in Ecuador. Find here details for a Cuyabeno tour for five days.


Day 1

First day of your tour, let the adventure begin! You will start in the morning from Lago Agrio, transportation by private bus to the entrance of the park.  From the entrance you will continue your travel down the Cuyabeno river with a motorized canoe, to the lodge. During the canoe ride you can enjoy the scenery and have possibility to see some wildlife, the adventure in the jungle is just beginning! Arrive to the lodge and lunch time. The staff will show you your room and you have time for relaxing and unpacking. In the afternoon you visit the lake for a chance to swimming and to see the sunset. Exiting night walk in the jungle with your guide, searching for nocturnal wildlife for example snakes and spiders. Dinner at the lodge.

Day 2.

After breakfast an excursion in the jungle, with your naturalist guide, to learn about survival in the jungle and using the medical plants. Back to the lodge where you have lunch and time to relax. In the afternoon canoe trip visiting the wonderful floated forest and search for wildlife for example birds, monkeys and the river dolphins. After sunset search for nocturnal wildlife, caimans, snakes and nocturnal birds. Back to the lodge where you will enjoy your dinner.

Day 3.

After breakfast two hours boat drive searching for the beautiful and exotic birds, sloths and other wildlife. After the boat drive you will arrive to the Siona community where one the families will teach you how to make yucca bread (cassava) and you can participate in the making. You will eat the lunch at the community. After community you will visit the shaman who will share with you some of his knowledge about shamanism and show you some rituals. Return to the lodge and dinner.

Day 4.

Breakfast at the lodge. Enjoy spending the day on the river by paddling on a traditional dug-out canoe. It is the best way to discover the wildlife and listening the sounds of the nature. Lunch and time to rest at the lodge. In the afternoon searching for animals, last visit to the lake for swimming and to see the sunset.

Day 5.

Get up early to see the jungle waking up. Your guide will take you to see the sunrise also you have great chances to see a lot of  birds. After breakfast you will start your journey back to Lago Agrio, first by boat and then by private bus. Arrive to Lago Agrio in the afternoon. End of the service and we hope you had a great Cuyabeno tour!


 Caiman Lodge 

Tour for 3 days $ 250 pp.

Tour for 4  days $290

Tour for 5 days $340

Guacamayo Ecolodge

Tour for 3 days $ 250 pp.

Tour for 4 days $ 290 pp.

Tour for 5 days $ 340 pp.

Siona Lodge

Tour for 4 days $360 pp.

Tour for 5 days $420 pp.

For a single room supplement, ask for the prices.

Exclusive Deep Jungle Expedition

Cuyabeno – Lagarto Cocha – Imuya –  Peruvian border

Next confirmed tour dates 2.11.2017 and 5.11.2017, 5 days tours

Cuyabeno – Lagarto Cocha – Imuya –  Peruvian border

Tour for 4 days $ 480 pp.

Tour for 5 days $ 600 pp.

The program should be read as a guideline only. Your guide may change the program due to weather conditions or regarding to the interests of the group.

Meeting the Shaman at Siona Community visit, Cuyabeno Ecuador
Meeting the Shaman at Siona Community visit, Cuyabeno Ecuador