Cuyabeno Reserve

Amazon Rainforest Tours in Ecuador

We offer low priced, professionally guided Cuyabeno Tours to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. If you want to experience the Amazon Rainforest, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is a great place to visit and explore the jungle. On our guided tours, you can  see different animals, nature, and plants, meet other travelers around the world and enjoy the nature while relaxing on a hammock. Bird watching, jungle walks, swimming in a lake in the middle of a jungle, Siona community visit and exploring the Reserve by a canoe are some of the activities on our itinerary.  We offer guided jungle tours to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve all year round.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the second largest national park in Ecuador with total of 603,380 ha. The reserve has a variety of different ecosystems for example primary rainforest, swamps, floated and semi floated forest. The area has one of the highest level of biodiversity in the world so it is a good place for spotting wildlife. The Cuyabeno river and the tributary (Ant River) make a river system which is fun to explore on a canoe. There are also a system of 14 lakes, perfect places to see the sunset.

Cuyabeno Reserve provides habitat for over 500 species of birds, 10 species of monkeys, anacondas, caimans, jaguars, pink river dolphins, manatees, fishes (for example arapaima and piranha), armadillos and many more animals. The Siona people is an indigenous tribe living on the area. On the community day you will visit the Siona tribe, learn how they prepare traditional yucca bread and meet a Shaman from the community, who will give a demonstration about shamanism. The fluvial transport during the tour is also provided by the Siona community. Eco-tourism benefits the local people by giving them jobs.

Cuyabeno Reserve has two seasons. The rainy season is from March to August and the dry season is from September to February. Also during the dry season it can rain because the climate in the Cuyabeno Reserve is a tropical rain-forest. Tours are operated all year round.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the Amazon jungle, Cuyabeno is the perfect place! Book a professionally guided jungle tour from us. We have many years of experience from tours to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Experience the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. Departures any day suitable for you, minimum 2 people on departing, if you are travelling alone ask for  fixed departure dates. Come to visit one of the most beautiful spot in Ecuador with us, an experience you won’t forget!


Exclusive Deep Jungle Expedition

Cuyabeno – Lagarto Cocha – Imuya – Redondo Cocha  Peruvian border

Tour for 4 days $ 390 pp.

Tour for 5 days $470 pp

Tour for 8 Days  ask for departure and prices

 Caiman Eco Lodge 

Tour for 3 days $ 250 pp.

Tour for 4  days $290

Tour for 5 days $340

Guacamayo Eco Lodge

Tour for 3 days $ 260 pp.

Tour for 4 days $ 310 pp.

Tour for 5 days $ 380 pp.

Siona Eco Lodge

Tour for 4 days $360 pp.

Tour for 5 days $420 pp.

For a single room supplement, ask for the prices.