Are you looking for a jungle tour in Ecuador to see the real wildlife and beautiful nature? Contact us by giving us a call, by WhatsUp, or by sending an e-mail.  We can find you a tour suitable for you. We will come bact to you as soon as possible.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in the Amazon rainforest, is one of the best places to visit on your holiday in Ecuador. Also like us on Facebook to get the latest news, pictures and information from the area.


Wilmer, English/ Spanish (00 358) 0449885437



Cuyabeno Adventures

Lago Agrio-Sucumbios -Ecuador
Address Oriente Y Aguas Negras 25-92

Payment methods

  • International bank transfer to Ecuador.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin transfer. This is the recommended cheap and fast payment method.
  • If you are in Ecuador you can make a deposit at Banco Pichincha.
  • By cash in Lago Agrio, on the first morning of the tour, if you make the reservation one day in advance.
  • Advanced payment (reservation fee) through PaypalWe will send you with our Paypal details. Please note that we have to charge 10% extra fee for this service. The pending amount you will pay directly in cash to our contact person in Lago Agrio on the day of Arrival.
Jungle Tour
Sunset at the Cuyabeno Reserve